General Meeting and Forum

General Meeting and Forum is a platform for interactions among members, and guests from variety of fields can meet each other annually.

Archive List

Nov. 10, 2022
The 22nd IERE General Meeting and 6th IERE Webinar
GM / Webinar: "Toward Enhanced Resilience for Electric Power Systems"
Oct. 19, 2021
The 21st IERE General Meeting and 3rd IERE Webinar
GM / Webinar: "Key Technologies in the Next Chapter of the Energy Transition"
Sept. 23, 2020
The 20th IERE General Meeting & 1st IERE Webinar
GM / Webinar: "Technology Scouting Project on Hydrogen"
Oct. 28–31, 2019
The 2019 General Meeting and PIESA-IERE South Africa Forum / 1st day / 2nd day
GM / Forum: "Electricity & the 4th Industrial Revolution - an Africa perspective"
May 21–24, 2018
The 18th IERE General Meeting & Japan Forum / 1st day / 2nd day
GM / Forum: "Power transmission and distribution systems in the next generation"
IERE 50th Anniversary Session
May 16–19, 2017
The 17th IERE General Meeting & Canada Forum / 1st day / 2nd day
GM / Forum: "Electric power storage, energy conversion and impact on the 21st century power grid"
May 11–12, 2016
The 16th IERE General Meeting & China Forum / 1st day / 2nd day
GM / Forum: "Power Grid Development in the New Situation of World Energy Transition"
Nov. 11–12, 2015
The 15th IERE General Meeting & German Forum
GM / Forum: "International Energy Systems in Transition – Perspectives from Science and Industry"
Nov. 20, 2014
The 14th IERE General Meeting & EPRI North American Forum
GM / Forum: "The Integrated Grid – Realizing the Full Value of Central and Distributed Energy Resources"
Sept. 25, 2013
The 13th IERE General Meeting & PIESA-IERE African Forum
GM:    "R&D Road Map for Efficient Electrification"
Forum: "Renewable Energy in Support of Rural Electrification"
Nov. 8–9, 2012
The 12th IERE General Meeting & KEPCO Korea Forum / 1st day / 2nd day
GM:    "Post-Fukushima"
Forum: "Technologies overcoming Economic and Natural Disaster"
Nov. 2–3, 2011
The 11th IERE General Meeting & IIE Latin American Forum / 1st day / 2nd day
GM:    "Electricity and Major Issues for IERE in the Next Decade"
Forum: "Reliable and Sustainable Energy Systems"
Nov. 3–4, 2010
The 10th IERE General Meeting & Hydro-Québec North American Forum / 1st day / 2nd day
GM:    "R&D Roadmap/From Low Carbon to No Carbon"
Forum: "Optimal Control for the Integration of Renewable Energy"
Nov. 11–12, 2009
The 9th General Meeting & ICEMENERG Central & East Europe Forum / 1st day / 2nd day
GM:    "R&D Roadmap/More Electricity – Less CO2"
Forum: "Challenge for Next Two Decades with Advanced Technologies and Renewable Power"
Nov. 18–20, 2008
The 8th General Meeting
GM:    "R&D Roadmap/Bring New Students to Electric Power Industry"
Forum: "Long Distance Transmission and Hydro Generation Technologies"
Sep. 26–27, 2007
The 7th General Meeting & The PIESA-IERE Africa Forum / 1st day / 2nd day
GM:    "Efficient Electricity Supply and R&D Roadmap"
Forum: "Technology Transfer in Africa in Support of Electrification"
Nov. 14–15, 2006
The 6th General Meeting & Eastern Asia Forum / 1st day / 2nd day
GM:    "R&D in Electricity: How is it Launched and How is it Evaluated?"
Forum: "Environmental Sustainability and High-Quality Power Systems"
Nov. 22–23, 2005
The 5th General Meeting & Southeastern Asia Forum / 1st day / 2nd day
GM:    "R&D Roadmap: Setting the Technology Direction of the Power Industry under the Changing Market Climate"
Forum: "Power System Reliability and Global Sustainability in the Region"
Oct. 19–20, 2004
The 4th General Meeting & Central & Eastern Europe Forum / 1st day / 2nd day
GM:    "Overview of the Nuclear Power Generation in the 21st Century"
Forum: "Technology & Innovation Pathways for Energy Business Success"
Nov. 24–25, 2003
The 3rd General Meeting & Central America Forum / 1st day / 2nd day
GM:    "Renewables, its Prospect and Limitation"
Forum: "Transnational Electrical Interconnections and Sustainability in Central America"
Nov. 11–12, 2002
The 2nd General Meeting & China Forum / 1st day / 2nd day
GM:    "Role of the Technology in the Changing Market"
Forum: "How to Sustain Electricity Accessibility, Affordability and Acceptability in China"
Nov. 26–27, 2001
The 1st General Meeting & African Forum / 1st day / 2nd day
GM:    "Electricity & the Environment, the Major Issues of the Next Decades"
Forum: "Sustainable Development of Electricity in Africa"