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The Central Eastern Europe Forum – 2nd day –

Wednesday Oct. 20, 2004
Krakow, Poland

Presen. / Paper / Pict. (Member Only)

Opening Session B : "Welcome Messages and Keynote Speeches"
0Chair : Jacques G. Martel, IERE Vice Chair
Welcome Address by
Jerzy Adamik , Governor, Malopolska, Poland  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Keynote Speech 2 by
Jacques Sacreste , Director, ECKSA, Poland  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Keynote Speech 3 by
Wojciech Jaworski , Department of Environmental Protection Instruments Ministry of the Environment, Poland  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Session 3 : "Kyoto Protocol and Environmental Sustainability"
0Chair : Roberto Canales-Ruiz, IIE, Mexico
0Co-Chair : Louis Jestin, ECKSA, Poland
Energy Efficiency through New Power System Organization
Yves Bamberger , EDF, France  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Implementation of LCP and NEC Directives in Poland
Wlodzimierz Kordylewski , Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Japanese Power Companies' Target and Efforts to Prevent Global Warming
Toru Ohkawara , CRIEPI, Japa  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Effects of Small - Capacity Conversion Projects in Poland
Andrzej W. Kowalski, Aleksandra B. Jagielowicz+ , Energoprojekt, Poland  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
The Flue Gas Cleaning System Applied to Hitachinaka Power Plant
Shigehiro Matsuda , Tokyo EPCO, Japan  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Pro- Innovation Policy of the Laziska Power Station
Klemens Scierski , PKE SA Laziska Power Plant, Poland  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Advanced Thermal Efficiency Diagnosis System for Power Plant
- TEPCO Heat Balance Analysis Method -
Shuichi Umezawa, Shoichi Muto+ , Tokyo EPCO, Japan  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Session 4 : "Emerging New Clean Generation Technology"
0Chair : Tae-Hwan Lyu, KEPCO, Korea
0Co-Chair : Karl A. Theis, VGB Power Tech e.V., Germany
Status and Perspectives of Modern Coal and Gas Technologies
Karl A. Theis , VGB Power Tech e.V., Germany  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Efforts for a Sustainable Development in China's Power Sector and TPRI's Involvement in R&D on Clean Coal Technologies
Zhao Yi+, Wang Yueming , Thermal Power Research Institute, China  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Optimizing the Ways of Meeting the Kyoto Targets -Biomass Project AKCENT Malopolska
Adam Gula+, Artur Wyrwa , AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
The Obstacles Involved in Biomass Application for Energy Purposes and Means of their Overcoming in the Realities of Polish Market
A. Cebula, Adam Maciag+, W. Nikodem , Energoprojekt, Poland  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Development of High Temperature Type Fuel Cells
Yasuhiro Fuwa+, A. Nakanishi , Chubu EPCO, Japan  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Opportunities and Restrictions of Biomass Production Originating from Energy Plants with its Use for Power Aims
Jan Wieslaw Dubas , WENA, Poland  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
A Study of Lightning Protection for Wind Turbines
Shigero Enomoto+, Yoshio Watanabe , Tohoku EPCO, Japan,
Kazunari Hanaya, Shunichi Yanagawa , Shoden Co.Ltd., Japan
 Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Development of Carbon Dioxide Recovery and Dimethyl Ether Synthesis Technologies
Ken Abe, Hideki Fukuda+ , Kansai EPCO, Japan  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
The Computer System for Temperature and Stress Monitoring in Thick Walled Elements in Power Plants
J. Taler, Piotr Duda+, B. Weglowski, S. Gradziel, W. Zima , Krakow University of Technology, Poland  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Development of Micro-Tubular Turbine System Utilizing Applicable Hydropower Resources
M. Inagaki , Japan Natural Energy Co.Ltd., Japan,
K. Kubota, Naruomi Samejima+, N. Yasuda , Tokyo EPCO, Japan
 Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Turow goes renewable and multifuel. A story of a power plant
Jacek Gadowski , Electrownia Turow SA, Poland  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 

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