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The Central America Forum – 1st day –

Monday Nov. 24, 2003
San Jose, Costa Rica

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Opening Session : "Welcome messages and Keynote Speeches"
0Moderator: Stephen John Lennon, Chair of IERE, ESKOM, South Africa
Welcome speech:
Allan Flores Moya , Vice Minister of Enviroment and Energy, Costa Rica  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict.   Pict.2 
Keynote Speech 1: Progress of Electric Power Grid Interconnection in Japan and Development of its Applications
Hiroji Ota , Chubu EPCO, Japan  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict.   Pict.2 
Keynote Speech 2: Perspectives of Power System Interconnections
Dusan Povh+, Dietmar Retzmann , Siemens, Germany  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict.   Pict.2 
Keynote Speech 3: Interconnections and Renewable Energy Teofilo de la Torre
Teofilo de la Torr , SIEPAC, Costa Rica  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict.   Pict.2 
Session 1: "Transnational Electrical Interconnections"
0Moderator: Roberto Canales-Ruiz, IIE, Mexico
Plan Puebla-Panama Central America and México Electrical Interconection
Rodolfo Santizo-Ruiz , Vice Minister of Energy and Mines, Guatemala  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict.   Pict.2 
The Electrical Interconnection System for the Central America Countries
Salvador Guevara , Procelec Consulting, El Salvador  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict.   Pict.2 
1000kv Transmission Technologies Conducted by the Tokyo Electric Power Company
Nobuyuki Ryu+, H. Okamoto, H. Kanatsuji, K. Ikebe, J. Takami , TEPCO, Japan  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict.   Pict.2 
Stabilization of a Large Longitudinal Power System
- PSS Optimization and Power Plant Dynamics -
Haruhito Taniguchi , CRIEPI, Japan  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict.   Pict.2 
R&D projects in Power System Dynamics at Hydro-Québec
Jacques G. Martel , Hydro-Québec, Canada  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict.   Pict.2 
Maximum Utilization of Power Transmission Systems by the introduction of On-line Transient Stability Control System
S. Takeo, K.Nagaura, Yasushi Miwa+, Y.Niwa , Chubu EPCO, Japan  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict.   Pict.2 
Determination of Maximum Available Transmission Power through Interconnected Line
Younghak Kim+, Taekyun Kim, G.C. Chang, S. J. Lee, Y.S. Yang, Taiyoung Kim, Jinboo Choo , KEPRI, Korea  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict.   Pict.2 
Development of FACTS for Transmission Systems
Dietmar Retzmann, Dusan Povh+ , Siemens, Germany  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict.   Pict.2 
Performance Verification of Chain Link Converter Based Interconnection System
Hiroo Konishi+ , Hitachi Ltd.., Japan,
Suresh C. Verma, Shigeyuki Sugimoto, Shigeaki Ogawa , Chubu EPCO, Japan
 Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict.   Pict.2 
Session 2: "Centralized versus Dispersed Power Generation"
0Moderator: Hamid Elahi, GE Power Systems, USA
The Costa Rican Geothermal Energy Development
Paul Rojas Moya , ICE, Costa Rica  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict.   Pict.2 
Connection between Dispersed Power Sources and Utility Distribution Systems: TEPCO's Technical Challenges
M. Aoyagi, M. Okumura, Akihiko Mochida+, K. Murata, T. Yanase , TEPCO, Japan  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict.   Pict.2 
Photovoltaic/Wind Hybrid Power Generation System for Rural Electrification
Mitsugu Nagano , Tohoku EPCO, Japan  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict.   Pict.2 
Enhancing the Economics of Photovoltaic Power Generation with Innovative Direct Current Applications
Phil Barker, Dave Crudele, Rick Langley, Arshad Mansoor+, Terry Peterson, Mark Lauby , EPRI, USA  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict.   Pict.2 
Application of Rotary Phase Shifter as Power Compensator for Wind Power Generators
Teruyuki Ishizuki+, Y. Noro, Y. Miyazaki, Y. Nakazawa, K. Kusunoki, T. Kageyama, T. Aso, Y. Tone , Toshiba, Japan,
Ryuichi Shimada , Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
 Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict.   Pict.2 

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