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The IERE - Hydro-Québec North American Forum - 1st day -

Wednesday Nov. 3, 2010
Montréal, Canada

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Forum Opening Session
0Chair : Denis Faubert , IREQ, Hydro-Québec, Canada
Opening Address :
Denis Faubert , IREQ, Hydro-Québec, Canada  Presen. 
Keynote Speech : "Smart Grid : A Vendor Perspective"
Yukitoki Tsukamoto , Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan  Presen. 
Session 1: Optimal Control for the Integration of Renewable Energy
0Chair : Gaétan Lantagne, IREQ, Hydro-Québec, Canada
The Advent of Renewable Power and its Integration to the Grid
Mark McGranaghan , EPRI, USA  Presen. 
Accommodating High-Levels of Variable Generation on the Bulk Power System
John N. Moura , NERC, USA  Presen. 
The Integration of Solar Energy - The Need for Observing Solar Irradiance Variability
Nobuyuki Honda , Chubu EPCO, Japan  Presen. 
Real Time Operation Impact Evaluation of Wind Generation Integration in the Mexican Electrical System Using a Short Term Hydro-Thermal Coordination and Unit Commitment Function and a Dispatcher Training Simulator
Adrián Inda Ruiz , IIE, Mexico  Presen. 
Voltage Control Strategies for Synchronous Generators Operating as Distributed Generation on a Weak Distribution Network
Monika Klopper , Eskom, South Africa  Presen. 
Next Generation Lightning Location System for Winter Lightning Detection
Noriyasu Honma , Tohoku EPCO, Japan  Presen. 
Session 2: New Applications of Science to Electricity (the Universities' contributions)
0Chair : Hoang Le-Huy , Université Laval, Canada
Energy Efficiency in Electrical Machines for Small Scale Renewable Energy Production Systems
Pragasen Pillay , Université Concordia, Canada  Presen. 
Fast and Accurate Method for Transient Stability-Constrained Optimal Power Flow Based on SIME model
Louis-A. Dessaint , École de Technologie Supérieure, Canada  Presen. 
Structural and Mechanical Reliability and Performance of Transmission Lines Now and in the Future
Frédéric Légeron , Université de Sherbrooke, Canada  Presen. 
The Use of Superconductivity in Future Networks
Frédéric Sirois , École Polytechnique, Canada  Presen. 
Atmospheric Icing of Power Networks
Masoud Farzaneh , Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Canada  Presen. 
Climate Change Studies at OURANOS
Alain Bourque , OURANOS and IREQ, Canada  Presen. 
The Integration of Renewable Energies and Distributed Generation into the Electric Distribution Grid
Geza Joos , Université McGill, Canada  Presen. 

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