» 2nd day

The IERE -ICEMENERG Central & East Europe Forum - 1st day -

Wednesday Nov. 11, 2009
Bucharest, Romania

Presen (Participant & Member Only)

Opening Session : Opening Address and Keynote Speech
0Master of Ceremony : Mikio Sato , Secretary General of IERE, Japan
Opening Address :
Dan Zlatanovici , ICEMENERG, Romania  Abstract.   Presen. 
Keynote Speech : Consideration on the Impact of the EU "Energy-Climate" Legistlation Package Implementation on the Romanian Economy
Aureliu Leca , Polytechnic University, Romania  Abstract.   Presen. 
Session 1: Renewable Energy Sources and their Integration into the Energy Systems
0Chair : Gheorghe Pauna, ICEMENERG, Romania
Enhancing a Nuclear-Renewables Future with Smart Grids
Adrian Haworth , GE, USA  Abstract.   Presen. 
Co-firing of Woody Biomass in Coal Power Plant
Hiroyuki Kobu , Chugoku EPCO, Japan  Abstract.   Presen. 
Compilation of IRAN Solar Energy Maps Based on NRI Method
Arash Haghparast Kashani , NRI, Iran  Abstract.   Presen. 
R&D initiatives in Red Electrica to Foster the Integration of the Renewable Generation, The WINGRID Project
Carlos Llanos , REE, Spain  Abstract.   Presen. 
EURELECTRIC Views on Smart Grids and Renewables Integration in Europe
Mihai Paun , Eurelectric, Belgium  Abstract.   Presen. 
Algae Biodiesel: Opportunity and Market Development in Romania
Bogdan Patratanu , Polytechnic Univ., Romania  Abstract.   Presen. 
Session 2: Protection, Control and Monitoring in the Next 20 years
0Chair : Victor Vaida , University of Oradea, Romania
Advanced IT, Control and Monitoring technologies integration in power plants
Patrick Morilhat , EDF, France  Abstract.   Presen. 
Analysis of Wind Energy Impact on Power System Using Realistic Model
Fujihiro Yamada , Chubu EPCO, Japan  Abstract.   Presen. 
System Frequency and Tie-line Power Flow Control by Coordination of Batteries and Heat Pump Based Water Heaters on Customer Side in Power Systems with a Large Penetration of Wind Power Generation
Taisuke Masuta , Tokyo Univ., Japan  Abstract.   Presen. 
Contributions to the Automation and Control of the Great Thermal Power Units
Victor Vaida , Oradea University, Romania  Abstract.   Presen. 
Indian Power Sector - Development of Matching Transmission System
I. S. Jha , Power Grid Corporation, India  Abstract.   Presen. 

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