» 2nd day

The PIESA-IERE Africa Forum – 1st day –

Wednesday Sep. 26, 2007
Victoria Falls, Living Stone

Presen & Paper (Participant & Member Only)

Opening Session :
Co-Chair : Greg Tosen , Chair of PIESA, Eskom, South Africa , Sang Doug Park , Chair of IERE, KEPCO, Korea
Welcome Speech :
Rhodnie Sisala , Managing Director, ZESCO, Zambia  Abstract   Presen.   Paper 
Opening Remarks :
Greg Tosen , Chair of PIESA, Eskom, South Africa , Sang Doug Park , Chair of IERE, KEPCO, Korea  Abstract   Presen.   Paper 
Keynote Speech :
Sandile Maphumulo , President-Elect of the Association of Municipal Electricity Undertakings of Southern Africa, AMEU  Abstract   Presen.   Paper 
Offical Opening
Hon. Kenneth Konga , MP, Minister of Energy & Water Development of the Republic of Zambia  Abstract   Presen.   Paper 
Session 1 : "Electricity, the Driving Force of African Development: Policies, Institutional and Regulatory Frameworks"
Co-Chairs : Wilfred Sereje , Chief Executive Officer, Rural Electrification Authrity, Zambia ,
Yoshinobu Okabe , IERE Deputy Secretary General
Development of Rural Electrification Master Plan in Zambia Targeting 2030 :
Tomoyuki Yamashita , Tokyo EPCO, Japan  Abstract   Presen.   Paper 
Namibia's Rural Electrification Programme 1991-2007 : Technology Choices and Institutional Arrangements :
Ralf Tobich , Utility Consulting, Southern Africa  Abstract   Presen.   Paper 
The Rocky Road to Regional Electricity Distributors (REDs) - a Perspective from Namibia
Uli von Seydlitz , EMCON Consulting Group, Namibia  Abstract   Presen.   Paper 
Development of PIESA Standards for Technical Regulation of Power Quality :
R Koch+, P Johnson+ , Eskom, South Africa  Abstract   Presen.   Paper 
Session 2 : "The Importance of Electricity Supply Reliability and Quality"
Co-Chairs : Alvin Monga , Director - Engineering Development, ZESCO Limited, PIESA Board Member ,
Michael Howard , EPRI, USA
Can We Become Revenue Champions in Africa? :
Rens Bindeman , South African Revenue Protection Association - SARPA  Abstract   Presen.   Paper 
Effects of Ferroresonance on Distribution Transformers Supplied by Long Overhead Lines
Clement Silavwe , ZESCO Limited, Zambia  Abstract   Presen.   Paper 
Failures by Voltage Distortion and the Limits for Harmonic Currents of Electric Appliances :
Kenji Yukihira , CRIEPI, Japan  Abstract   Presen.   Paper 
Power Quality Monitoring System and Program for Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality :
Stephen Delport , Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, South Africa,  Abstract   Presen.   Paper 
Kafue Town Substation Insulation Enhancement Project :
Kelvis Kasonkomona+, Daniel Sichela+ , ZESCO, Zambia , Garth Smith , Pfisterer, South Africa  Abstract   Presen.   Paper 
Analysis of Voltage Compensation by DVR using EMTDC Program :
Nohong Kwak+, Youngsoo Jeon, Snagho Park , KEPCO, Korea  Abstract   Presen.   Paper 
A mini-grid perspective :
Axel Scholle , Emcon Consulting Group, Nambia  Abstract   Presen.   Paper 
Reliability and Quality Improvement on Power Distribution System of Tokyo Electric Power Company :
Masahiko Minegishi+, Naoki Fukazu+ , Tokyo EPCO, Japan  Abstract   Presen.   Paper 

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