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The Central Eastern Europe Forum – 1st day –

Tuesday Oct. 19, 2004
Krakow, Poland

Presen. / Paper / Pict. (Member Only)

Opening Session A : "Welcome Messages and Keynote Speeches"
0Chair : Steve J. Lennon, IERE Chair
Opening Address by
Steve J. Lennon , IERE Chair  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Welcome Address by
Janusz Sepiol , Marshal of the Malopolska Region, Poland  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Keynote Speech 1 by
Paul Amoravain , President, EDF Polska, Poland  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Session 1 : "Restructuring of Electricity Market in Central and Eastern Europe"
0Chair : Nanno Bolt, KEMA, the Netherlands
0Co-Chair : Stanislaw Poreba, PSE-Electra, Poland
Future Development in Power Industry
Dusan Povh+, I. Pyc, D. Retzmann, M. G. Weinhold , Siemens, Germany  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Restructuring of the Polish energy sector
Stanislaw Poreba , PSE Electra, Poland  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Electricity Market Restructuring : Challenges and Solutions
Luther M. Dow , EPRI, USA  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Retail Competition : Focus Europe
Tim Dewhurst, Mark Caines, Paul J. Davis+ , PA Consulting Group, UK  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Evolving Nature of Electricity Market Design in the U.S.
George Gross , University of Illinois, USA  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Session 2 : "Development of Power Systems under the European Union Enlargement"
0Chair : Bruno Meyer, EDF, France
0Co-Chair : Jan Solinski, Polish Committee of World Energy Council
Consortium for an Electric Infrastructure to Support a Digital Society (CEIDS)
Richard Schomberg+ , EDF, France,
Magdalena Wasiluk-Hassa , PSE, Poland
 Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Influence of EU enlargement on planning and operation of new members power networks
Grzegorz Rzepka , PSE Operator SA  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Benefits of Simulation for Operation of Large Power Systems and System Interconnections
Dusan Povh, D. Retzmann+, J. Rittiger , Siemens, Germany  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Development of Power Quality Controller to Be Connected in Parallel to Dispersed Power Sources
Hiroo Konishi+ , Hitachi Ltd., Japan,
Teruo Takagi, Shigeyuki Sugimoto , Chubu EPCO, Japan
 Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Network Business in European Setting
Wil Kling , TENNET, the Netherlands  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Polish Power to 2030 - Sketching a More Integrated Energy Policy which Meets the Needs of the Environment, the Economy, and Society
Louis Jestin+, G. Wolf, S. Blach , ECKSA, Poland  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
Environmentally Friendly Power Cable Achieved by Advanced HTS BSCCO Wire Fabricated by the CT-OP Process
Ryosuke Hata , Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd., Japan  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 
The forecast of primary energy demand and electricity demand and the participation of coal in covering this demand for Poland up to 2030
Jan Solinski , Polish Member Committee of the World Energy Council  Abstract   Presen.   Paper   Pict. 

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