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The 16th IERE General Meeting & China Forum- Day 2 -

Thursday May. 12, 2016
Beijing, China

Presen (Participant & Member Only)

Common Theme (for General Meeting and Forum):
“Power Grid Development in the New Situation of World Energy Transition”
Session 2 : Smart Distribution Grid and Microgrid Technology
Chair : Dr. Luan Wenpeng, Chief Expert of CEPRI, China
8:30 - 8:55 S2-1 Practices and Development of Energy Internet in China
Mr. Liu Jianming, Senior Advisor, Department of Science and Technology, SGCC, China  Abstract  Presen. 
08:55 - 09:20 S2-2 Microgrids Technology Implementations in China
Dr. Luan Wenpeng, Chief Expert of CEPRI, China  Abstract  Presen. 
09:20 - 09:45 S2-3 Integrated Solutions for MicroGrid
Prof. Tang Chenghong, Professor Senior Engineer, R&D Center, NARI, China  Abstract  Presen. 
09:45 - 10:10 S2-4 Advanced Distribution System Techniques to Cope with Massive Penetration of Photovoltaic Power Generation
Dr. Hiromu Kobayashi, Associate Vice President, System Engineering Research Laboratory, CRIEPI, Japan  Abstract  Presen. 
10:30 - 10:55 S2-5 Demonstration Results of High Penetration Remote MicroGrid on a Korean Island
Mr. Wookyu Chae, Senior Researcher, KEPCO RI, Korea  Abstract  Presen. 
10:55 - 11:20 S2-6 Research of Battery Diagnosis and Management Technology for Battery Energy Storage System
Dr. Hou Chaoyong, Electrical Engineering, CEPRI, China  Abstract  Presen. 
Poster Presentation
11:20 - 11:25 S2-P1 Volt/VAR Optimization on U.S. distribution lines
Mr. Ryo Kamada, Research Associate, Research Department, JEPIC, Japan  Abstract  Presen. 
11:25 - 11:30 S2-P2 Research Progress of KEPCO Research Institute for DC Distribution Vitalization in Korea
Mr. Jae-han Kim, Researcher, Smart Power Distribution Lab., KEPCO RI, Korea  Abstract  Presen. 
S2-P4 Applications of High Precision Power Analyzer, ScopeCorder and Battery Management System in Grid Connection
Mr. ZHANG Guoyue, Application Engineer, Application Development Division, Yokogawa Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd, China  Abstract  Presen. 
S2-P6 Unsupervised Nonintrusive Appliance Load Monitoring and Disaggregation Methods Based on Hidden Markov Model and its Variation
Mr. Wang Chunyu, Assistant engineer, Section of Site Supervision and Study of Electric Energy Metrology, CEPRI, China  Abstract  Presen. 
S2-P7 Real-time Distributed Economic Dispatch for Distributed Generation Based on Multi-Agent System
Mr. Luo Kui, Engineer, Department of Renewable Energy, CEPRI, China  Abstract  Presen. 
S2-P8 Economic Operation Study of Power System with Wind Power Generation and Storage
Prof. Zhu Jizhong, Chief Expert, National Distinguished Expert, SEPRI, China Southern Power Grid, China  Abstract  Presen. 
Session 3: Smart Utilization of Power & Energy
Chair : Dr. Frank-Detlef Drake, Senior Vice President Corporate Research & Development, RWE AG, Germany
12:40 - 13:05 S3-1 Energy Storage Options and Requirements to Meet System Flexibility Needs
Mr. Mark McGranaghan,Vice President, Distribution and Utilization, EPRI, USA  Abstract   Presen. 
13:05 - 13:30 S3-2 Construction and Application of AMI System
Dr. Zhu Enguo, Researcher, Department of Metrology, CEPRI, ChinaA  Abstract   Presen. 
13:30 - 13:55 S3-3 Empirical Research on Central Air Conditioners of Buildings for Peaking Shaving with Flexible Strategies
Ms. Chen Lu, Researcher, Power Utilization Management Technology Branch Company, NARI, China)  Abstract  Presen. 
Poster Presentation
S3-P1 Refining on the Typical Operating Point Character Curve of Battery Energy Storage for Tracking the Winf Power Output Curve
Ms. Yang Shuili, Electrical Engineering, CEPRI, China  Abstract  Presen. 
S3-P2 The Research of Smart Electricity Meters Regional Environment Adaptability Based on Fuzzy Clustering
Mr. Xue Yang, Researcher, CEPRI, China  Abstract  Presen. 
S3-P3 Research on Field Failure Accelerated and Failure Mechanism for Smart Electricity Meters
Mr. Xue Yang, Researcher, CEPRI, China  Abstract  Presen. 
Session 4: New Materials, New Technologies and Others
Chair : Mr. Mark McGranaghan , Vice President, Distribution and Utilization, EPRI, USA
14:10 - 14:35 S4-1 New Materials & Technologies for Smart Utilization of Power and Energy
Dr. Gaétan Lantagne, Senior Researcher, Hydro-Québec, Canada  Abstract  Presen. 
14:35 - 15:00 S4-2 An MgB2 Superconducting Cable for Very High DC Power Transmission
Mr. Frederic Lesur, Expert Engineer in Cable Power Systems, RTE, France  Abstract  Presen. 
15:00 - 15:25 S4-3 Prospects of ACCC Conductor Application in the Global Energy Interconnection
Mr. Zhang Peng, Vice Chief Engineer, Research and Development, Jiangsu NARI CTC Composite Material CO., LTD, China  Abstract  Presen. 
15:25 - 15:50 S4-4 Valve Margin Calculation of VSC HVDC based on MMC
Dr. Chan-Ki Kim, Director of HVDC division, KEPCO RI, Korea  Abstract  Presen. 
Poster Presentation
15:50 - 15:55 S4-P1 An Update on the Status of Large-scale Electric Power Storage Systems for Supply and Demand Control in Japan
Dr. Hiroyuki Yoshida, Research Scientist, Materials Science Research Laboratory, CRIEPI, Japan  Abstract  Presen. 
15:55 - 16:00 S4-P2 Modern Lightning Protection Technologies in Power Grids of China
Prof. Zhang Chaohai, Chief Expert, NARI, China  Abstract  Presen. 
S4-P3 Optimal Capacity Configuration of Energy Storage System for Co-operation of Generation/Energy Storage/Load in Business Park
Ms. Yang Shuili, Electrical Engineering, CEPRI, China  Abstract  Presen. 
S4-P4 Lithium Storage Battery Dynamic Consistency Characteristic Parameter Analysis and Extraction of Strategy Research
Mr. ZHOU Chuanjie, Electrical Engineering, CEPRI, China  Abstract  Presen. 
S4-P5 A Study of Parallel LiFePO4 Batteries Cycle Aging by Using Derivation Curve
Dr. HOU Chaoyong, Electrical Engineering, CEPRI, China  Abstract  Presen. 
Moderated Panel Discussion on the Various Approached as Shown in the Sessions
Moderator : Prof. Hideo Ishii,Secretary General, Advanced Collaborative Research Organization for Smart Society (ACROSS), Waseda University, Japan
16:20 - 17:00 Discussion
Dr. Xue Feng, Chair of Session 1
Dr. Luan Wenpeng, Chair of Session 2
Dr. Frank-Detlef Drake, Chair of Session 3
Mr. Mark McGranaghan, Chair of Session 4
Closing Remarks
17:00 - 17:05
Dr. Luan Wenpeng, Chief Expert, Power Distribution Department, CEPRI, China  Abstract   Presen. 
17:05 - 17:10
Mr. Tetsuo Matsumura,Secretary General, IERE Central Office  Abstract   Presen1 

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