2017 The 17th IERE General Meeting & Canada Forum (Day 1)

Electric power storage, energy conversion and impact on the 21st century power grid

May 16 - 19, 2017 Vancouver, Canada

Opening Session


Opening Address

Mr. Gregory Tosen, Chair of IERE, South Africa

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Welcome Address

Mr. Raymond Lings, CEO of Powertech labs Inc.

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Keynote Addresses


Overview of BC Hydro

Mr. Greg Reimer, Executive Vice President, BC Hydro, Canada

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IERE General session [I]


Report of IERE Technology foresight 2020

Dr. John Wing Mao Cheng, Senior Manager, CLPRI, Hong Kong

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Panel discussion : The role and challenges of the 21st century power system centered on distributed renewable generation, long geographic distances between generation and loads, matching generation and demand, energy storage and conversion and system reliability and grid of the future

Chair : Mr. Raymond Lings, President & CEO of Powertech labs Inc., Canada


Mr. Mark Lauby, Senior Vice President and Chief Reliability Officer, NERC, USA

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Integrated Energy Network - Bottom-Up Resource Integration Platforms

Dr. Sunil Chhaya, Technical Executive, EPRI, USA

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The role and challenges of the 21st century power system

Mr. Vicente J. Gonzalez-Lopez, Head of Department, R&D and EU Projects Department, REE, Spain

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Renewable Energy Integration - Challenges and Practices

Dr. Luan Wenpeng, Professor/Chief expert, Distribution Automation Department, CEPRI

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Energy Storage to Mitigate the Impacts of Intermittent Renewables

Prof. Toshiya Nanahara, Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute ofTechnology, Japan

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Large Hydro and the Growth of Renewable Energy in Western North America

Mr. Brian Moghadam, Business Development, Powerex Corp., Canada

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Mr. Greg Stanway, BC Hydro, Canada

Dr. Vidya Vankayala, Powertech Labs Inc., Canada

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Session1 : The value and benefits of energy storage

Chair : Dr. Yao Liangzhong, Vice president, CEPRI, China


Energy Storage Technologies & Applications in Power Systems - Challenges and Experiences

Dr. Yao Liangzhong, Vice president, CEPRI, China

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Battery Storage Advantages for Fast Charging Stations

Dr. Matthieu Loos, Engineer, Power Systems, Powertech Labs Inc., Canada

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Stability FACTS + ESS for fast energy response in case of contingency

Mr. Vicente J. Gonzalez-Lopez, Head of Department, R&D and EU Projects Department, REE, Spain

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Application of Cost-Effective Grid-Scale Battery Storage as an Enabler of Network Integration of Renewable Energy

Prof. Innocent Davidson, Professor, Department of Electrical Power Engineering, Durban University, South Africa

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Study of Using Energy Storage to Mitigate the Impact of High Renewable Energy Penetration to the Grid

Mr. Che-I Lin, Electrical Engineer, Taiwan Power Research Institute, Taiwan

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Session2 : Advances in energy storage and conversion technologies

Chair : Dr. Lei Wang, Director of Power Systems, Powertech Labs Inc., Canada


"The innogy Green Fuel Project" - linking the electricity and mobility sectors by power to methanol technology

Mr. Thorsten Miltkau, Senior Manager Technologies, Corporate Technology, innogy SE, Germany

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A Flow Battery for Long Duration Applications

Mr. John McLeod, Vice President Engineering, ZincNyx Energy Solutions Inc., Canada

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Energy storage for grid scale applications combined with conventional power plants - Innovative concepts for sustainable energy conversion and use

Prof. Emmanouil Kakaras, Vice President, R&D, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH Duisburg, Germany

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R&D strategy and its related activities on advanced Li-ion batteries for electrical energy storage system

Dr. Sang-Min Lee, Principal Researcher, Battery Research Center, KERI, Korea

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Recent status of the battery energy storage technologies in Japan and issues related with performance evaluation

Mr. Yuichi Mita, Senior research Scientist, CRIEPI, Japan

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Research and Application of Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Sensor for Energy Storage Battery In-situ Detection

Mr. Xu Chong, Engineer, Energy Storage and Electrotechnics Department, CEPRI, China

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