2017 The 17th IERE General Meeting & Canada Forum (Day 2)

Electric power storage, energy conversion and impact on the 21st century power grid

May 16 - 19, 2017 Vancouver, Canada

IERE General session [II]


Report of IERE activities by IERE chair

Mr. Gregory Tosen, Chair of IERE, South Africa

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Report of IERE board meeting and progress

Dr. Takao Watanabe, Secretary General, IERE central office

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Session3 : Advances in power transmission and distribution systems in support of energy storage and conversion

Chair : Dr. John Wing Mao Cheng, Senior Manager, CLPRI, Hong Kong


Microgrids Technology Implementation and Standardization

Dr. Luan Wenpeng, Professor/Chief expert, Distribution Automation Department, CEPRI

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Evaluation of Li-ion Battery System and Demonstration Project of Virtual Power Plant

Mr. Ken Asajima, Senior Research Engineer, Advanced Technology Laboratory - R&D Center, Kansai EPCO, Japan

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Utility Scale Energy Storage Application and Development in Korea

Mr. SungMin Cho, Senior Researcher, Energy New Business Lab., KEPCO, Korea

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Views on enhancing the consumption capacity of renewable energy resources

Dr. Li Wei , Director, Power system analysis and consulting division, NARI Group, China

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Simulation Method to Evaluate Mutual Impact between Smart Community and Distribution System

Dr. Hiroyuki Hatta, Research Scientist, Energy Innovation Center, CRIEPI, Japan

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Operation of ESS Interconnected to the Distribution Feeder by Distribution Management System

Mr. Wonwook Jung, Senior Researcher, KEPCO, Korea

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Research Frontiers and Development Dynamics of Demand Response under Deregulated Electric Power Retail Market

Mr. Chen Songsong, Engineer, Electric Usage and Energy Efficiency Research Department, CEPRI, China

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Session4 : Advances in technology in support of the 21st century power system

Chair : Mr. Thorsten Miltkau, Senior Manager Technologies, innogy SE, Germany


On-Line Transformer Oil Purification

Dr. Mike Jain, Product Manager, Substation Services, Powertech Labs Inc., Canada

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A Realistic Method of Forecasting Dam Water Inflow for an Efficient Operation of Hydroelectric Power Stations including Pumped Storage

Mr. Koichiro HATA, Senior Researcher, Electric Power Research & Development Center, Chubu EPCO, Japan

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Field operation of multiple BESSs for demand management of a large-scale electricity consumer

Dr. Seul-Ki Kim, Principal Researcher, Executive Director of Advanced Power Grid Research, KERI, Korea

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Recent trends on interconnection of power storage facilities to real systems in Japan and the United States

Dr. Joji kawano, Deputy Senior Research Associate, Research Department, Japan Electric Power Information Center(JEPIC), Japan

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Study on Calculation Method of Carbon Emission in Utilization of ACCC Conductor in New or Modified Power Lines

Dr. Li Xin, Senior Researcher, Technology Center, NARI Group, China

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Renewable Energy Zones in Queensland: A means to Integrate Transmission and Generation Infrastructure Development

Prof. Innocent Davidson, Professor, Department of Electrical Power Engineering, Durban University, South Africa

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Closing Remarks

Mr. Raymond Lings, President & CEO of Powertech labs Inc., Canada

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Dr. Takao Watanabe, Secretary General, IERE Central Office

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