Welcome to 2024 IERE-SwRI San Antonio Energy Transition Workshop

Main Theme: Enabling Technologies for the Energy Transition

The world is seeking various technological pathways to support the decarbonization of the electricity, mobility, and industrial sectors. These technologies span power generation, energy transport, and storage applications with multiple objectives to maintain low costs and high reliability and resiliency of a decarbonized energy system. Due to this diversity of applications, objectives, energy resources, and sociopolitical constraints across the globe, the “best” technology combination is also expected to vary for each situation. This workshop therefore addresses a broad range of enabling technologies addressing themes of advanced power cycles, energy transport, cross-cutting decarbonization technologies with non-power generation industries, and resilience.

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is intended for experts actively involved in the selected themes, from IERE members and non-members, as well as all those interested in the evolution of the electrical power industry and the technology development and business development opportunities associated to this evolution. IERE and SwRI will invite prominent speakers for keynote speeches.

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