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Welcome to the 18th IERE General Meeting & Japan Forum

Main theme : Power transmission and distribution systems in the next generation

Renewable energy has immense potential for wider implementation in future as it is an effective way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and its generation costs are falling around the world. However, mass implementation of variable power supplies may impact power transmission and distribution systems. For example, in Japan, home solar power conditioners are causing a flicker effect. There are also concerns that other issues may occur in future, such as voltage fluctuations in distribution line, adverse effects on the power system stability and generation of surplus power.

On the other hand, rapid advances in IoT and AI in recent years have led to a wave of digitalization. The digital transformation has seen the creation of new products and services using digital technology, and companies have adopted new business models to gain a competitive edge. The electric power industry is no exception, with new forms of business arising in unregulated fields. These mainly use demand-side equipment connected to power distribution systems, such as virtual power plants and a smart meter service allowing people to check in on elderly family members. It is also predicted that many customers will have generators installed, resulting in more complex distribution systems and more active electricity transactions on the demand side. To handle this, operation departments of power distribution system (the regulated sector) will need to develop a function for running a platform for electricity transactions that targets power distribution systems in addition to the existing functions for electrical control, planning and maintenance.

For this reason, the Japan Forum will center on the theme of power transmission and distribution systems in the next generation, with a focus on distribution systems and comparatively low-voltage transmission systems, which are setting the scene for the creation of new electrical businesses in future.

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