24th IERE General Meeting and PLN Indonesia Forum

In-Person Event

Bali, Indonesia
November 19–22, 2024


  • Outline

    Tuesday, November 19, 2024

    • Welcome Reception (In the evening)

    Wednesday, November 20, 2024

    • 24th IERE GM & PLN Indonesia Forum (Day 1)
    • Official Dinner, Culture Night

    Thursday, November 21, 2024

    • 24th IERE GM & PLN Indonesia Forum (Day 2)

    Friday, November 22, 2024

    • Technical Tour (Optional)
  • Program

    Session structure and speakers may be subject to change according to the submission of contributions.

    Welcome ReceptionNov. 19, 2024
    Opening SessionNov. 20, 2024
    Opening Address IERE Chair
    Welcome Speech PLN
    Keynote Speech Details to be announced
    Panel DiscussionNov. 20, 2024
    Theme: Leveraging Distributed Power Generation to Ensure a Cleaner, Futuristic and Secured Energy Supply Details to be announced
    Technical SessionNov. 20, 2024
    Session 1
    Theme: Distributed Power Generation Technology

    It focuses on the advancements, applications, and implications of technologies enabling decentralized energy production. It explores various distributed power generation technologies, their integration into existing energy systems, and their impact on energy access, sustainability, and resilience.

    Potential topics include:

    • Renewable Energy Technologies
    • Energy Storage Solutions (e.g., type/technology, design, capacity calculation, etc.)
    • Distributed Generation Control and Optimization
    • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance
    • Emerging Technologies and Future Trends
    • Planning and Forecasting for Renewable Energy Power Generation
    • ...
    Session 2
    Theme: Integrated Micro Smart Grid

    Integrated micro smart grids combine renewable energy sources, energy storage systems, advanced communication and control technologies, and demand-side management to optimize energy generation, distribution, and consumption.

    Potential topics include:

    • Design and Optimization of Integrated Micro Smart Grids
    • Communication and Control Systems
    • Cybersecurity Challenges and Solutions
    • Energy Management and Optimization
    • Grid-Connected and Islanded Operation
    • Resilience and Reliability Enhancement
    • Advance Meter Infrastructure
    • Demand Side Management Using Advance Meter Infrastructure
    • Energy Meter Calculation Algorithm with Regard of Power Quality Phenomena (i.e., harmonic, unbalance, etc.)
    • AC/DC Microgrid
    • Design and Strategy of Protection System Coordination
    • ...
    Session 3
    Theme: Regulating and Financing Distributed Power Generation

    These topics offer insights into the regulatory and financial aspects of distributed power generation, highlighting the need for effective policy frameworks, market mechanisms, and financing instruments to accelerate the transition to a more decentralized and sustainable energy system.

    Potential topics include:

    • Policy and Regulatory Frameworks for Distributed Generation
    • Market Structures and Incentive Mechanisms
    • Financing Models and Investment Opportunities
    • Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies
    • Community-Based and Cooperative Models
    • Policy Innovation and Best Practices
    • ...
    Session 4
    Theme: Impact of Distributed Power Generation Toward Conventional Energy

    These topics provide a comprehensive overview of the multifaceted impacts of distributed power generation on conventional energy, highlighting both the challenges and opportunities for transitioning to a more sustainable and resilient energy future.

    Potential topics include:

    • Economic Implications and Market Disruption
    • Technological Integration Challenges
    • Environmental Benefits and Carbon Emissions Reduction
    • Social and Equity Considerations
    • Transition Strategies and Energy Transition Pathways
    • Resilience and Reliability Enhancement
    • Best Practices
    • ...
    Poster Session
    Details to be announced
    Details to be announced
    IERE General MeetingNov. 21, 2024
    Report on IERE Activities by IERE Chair and IERE Central Office
    Report on IERE R&D Projects
    Technical SessionNov. 21, 2024
    Session 5
    Theme: Hybrid Distributed Power Generation in Rural Area

    It focuses on the implementation of integrated energy solutions combining multiple distributed power generation technologies to meet the energy needs of rural communities. It explores the challenges and opportunities in deploying hybrid systems that leverage various renewable energy sources and energy storage technologies to improve energy access, reliability, and sustainability in rural areas.

    Potential topics include:

    • Design and Optimization of Hybrid Energy Systems
    • Energy Storage Solutions for Rural Applications
    • Economic Viability and Financing Models
    • Case Studies and Best Practices
    • Utilization of Retired Conventional Power Generation
    • Virtual Inertia Technology Evaluation of Hybrid Generation
    • ...
    Session 6
    Theme: PLN Innovation

    It covers Innovation Technology conducted in PT PLN (Persero)

    Potential topics include:

    • Distributed Energy Resources
    • Green Energy and Power System
    • Energy Management Systems, Intelligent Control
    • Asset Maintenance Tool
    • Operation and Planning of Microgrids (DC, AC, and hybrid)
    • Remote Monitoring and Operation
    • ...
    Panel DiscussionNov. 21, 2024
    Theme: Smarter, Digitalised and Optimised Distributed Power Generation Details to be announced
    Closing RemarksNov. 21, 2024
  • Technical Tour (Optional)

    Nov. 22, 2024
    Details to be announced
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