Welcome to 24th IERE General Meeting and PLN Indonesia Forum

Main Theme: Distributed Power Generation for Increasing Renewable Energy Penetration

The theme "Distributed Power Generation for Increasing Renewable Energy Penetration" addresses the strategy and technology used to enhance the global penetration of renewable energy in the energy supply. Distributed power generation is an approach where energy production is decentralized into many small locations, contrasting with the conventional model where energy is generated from large scale centralized and distributed through transmission line.

The background of this theme encompasses the rapid growth in the utilization of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydro over the past few decades. The penetration of renewable energy offers significant benefits in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on conventional fossil fuels. However, a key challenge in adopting renewable energy is the variability and unpredictability of renewable energy source and impact the stability of the power grid.

In this context, the concept of distributed power generation becomes crucial. It involves harnessing renewable technologies at a local level, such as rooftop solar panels, small-scale wind turbines, or micro-hydro power plants. This approach not only helps reduce vulnerability to disruptions in energy supply but also enables better integration of renewable energy sources into existing energy grids.

Recent data indicates a significant increase in investment and implementation of distributed power generation technologies worldwide. According to the latest reports from the International Energy Agency (IEA) 2021, the capacity of distributed renewable energy has substantially increased in recent years, with countries like Germany, the United States, and China leading in the adoption of these technologies. Furthermore, advancements in energy storage and smart grid technologies are further enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of distributed energy systems.

Who Should Attend?

The Forum is intended for experts involved in the selected themes, from IERE members and non-members, as well as all those interested in the electrical power industry and the technology development and business development opportunities associated to this evolution. IERE and PLN will invite prominent speakers for keynote speeches.

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