R&D Collaboration

Project outline


to solve various issues of members by using AI. Participating members will develop programs applying AI with machine learning.

Three major stages
  • Stage 1: Define the AI use-cases
  • Stage 2: Develop the solutions
  • Stage 3: Share the results

are required to present their experience, challenges and know-how

are required to identify themselves as

  • Data provider
  • Application developer
Working together
  • Teams are formed by a Data provider and an Application developer.
  • Teams develop solution programs applying AI with machine learning.

Final results shall be presented to all IERE members. However, details of the projects will only be shared among the participating companies.


CLPRI, Hong Kong SAR and Innogy, Germany

10 Members joined the IERE AI collaboration

Next Step

  • CLP and innogy will summarize the use cases and application developers will be asked to decide which problems that they are able to tackle.
  • CLP and innogy will summarize the responses from application developers and will ask Data providersto select their project partners
  • Project team(s) will be formed by Data provider and Application developer. Data provider will ONLY provide data, if mutual acceptance is achieved.
  • CLP and innogy will help summarize the progress and report to IERE.
  • Teams are formed to tackle the AI use-cases and develop solutions
  • For every two months, CLP and Innogy will keep track on the project progress.
  • CLP and Innogy will report the progress to all participants and IERE.

Six months, i.e. May to November, 2020

Project timeline

The collaboration starts in June 2020 & will work on the topic until end of 2021


  • R&D transformer MeOH phase2
  • TF2020 in-depth reserch on AI

past projects

  • R&D transformer MeOH phase1
  • TF2020 in-depth reserch on AI