Technology Foresight

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Technologies are changing rapidly, and they affect the conventional utility business models. Technology Foresight (TF) Project was initiated in 2016. It aims at leveraging the existing capabilities and experiences of IERE members to find some commonalities and joint work.

Identification of the key areas of technology development thorough the project can benefit all IERE members.

The TF2020 project selected Top 5 critical and Top 15 emergency technologies and summarized the outline. Also it extracted 5 Fringe (black swan) technologies that potentially will cause major disruptions to the way we build and operate our energy systems.

Top 5 critical technologies
Prosumer technologies
Energy storage devices
Big data applications
Renewable and distributed generation
Climate modeling
Top 15 emergency technologies
Electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and/or fuel cell vehicles
Smart grid
Li-ion Batteries
Internet of things (IoT)
Wireless sensors
Water recovery and reuse
Water resources planning
Off-shore wind
Grid and Home Cybersecurity
Smart X
Carbon capture, utilization & storage (CCS & CCUS)
Virtual power plant (VPP)
Hybrid energy systems
Nuclear power - Gen III +
Top 5 fringe technologies
Artificial Intelligence
DC Grid
Artificial Photosynthesis
Advanced / High Efficiency PV
Advanced Nuclear