7th IERE Webinar on AI Collaboration Project
(2nd Round)

March 7, 2024

Organized by IERE

7th IERE Webinar on AI Collaboration Project (2nd Round)Mar. 7, 2024

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Moderator, Jan SCHIEFELBEIN-LACH (E.ON, Leader)


Lecture by OIRASE Masaya (Chubu EPCO)


Lecture by Edward CHAN (CLPRI)


Lecture by MIURA Teruhisa (CRIEPI)


Lecture by LIU Junjun (NARI)

Q&A — Typical QuestionsThe day was filled with many questions and a lively Q&A session.

Watch the Video on the web for the detailed discussions!

(W-1) Object detection of pole mounted switches

  • Do you have any promising SOTA models you plan to apply?
  • How long does it take to detect bottom of switch from a single image by using AI?
  • Can you please explain how to install into the actual test devices?

(W-2) T&D image object detection use cases

  • Have you ever quantitatively evaluated the relationship between accuracy of automatic detection and SN ratio of images?
  • Can you please explain what does T&D mean?
  • What is the image size for training AI?

(W-3) Predictive maintenance and health monitoring of underground cable

  • How to choose the attributes?

(W-4) Load forecasting of feeder

  • What model did you use?