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IERE-GDF SUEZ Brussels Workshop - Day 2 -

June 5, 2014
Brussels, Belgium

Organized by IERE and GDF SUEZ

Presentation (Participants & Members only)

Keynote Address
0Chair : Roger Ballay, Advising Chair Emeritus of IERE, France  Summary. 
The Retail (R)evolution - Power to the Customer
Sébastien DOLIGÉ, Advisor, Retail Customers & Markets Units, EURELECTRIC, Belgium  Abstract   Presen. 
Session 4: Smart Home Automation Systems and Demand Side Management
0Chair : John W M Cheng, Executive Member of IERE, CLPRI, Hong Kong  Summary. 
PowerFlexhouse research laboratory for smart energy management
Anna Kosek, TDU: Technical Univ. of Denmark, Denmark  Abstract   Presen. 
Smart Grid and New Metering Technology for Smarter Energy Management
Takashi Yoshida, Kansai EPCO, Japan  Abstract   Presen. 
The Linear residential demand response pilot: balancing wind energy with residential flexibility
Koen Vanthournout, VITO, Belgium
Rafael Jahn, Laborelec, GDF SUEZ, Belgium
 Abstract   Presen. 
The electric vehicle: an asset for the electrically autonomous house ?
Laurent DeVroey, Laborelec, GDF SUEZ, Belgium  Abstract   Presen 
Imbalance reduction of a Virtual Power Plant in a field test with 150 heat pumps
Olaf van Pruissen, TNO, Netherlands  Abstract   Presen 
The potential of active demand response with residential wet appliances in Belgium
Wouter Labeeuw, KU Leuven ESAT-ELECTA, Belgium  Abstract   Presen 
Flexibility Requirement in Future Energy Supply
Gunner Hoffmann, RWE AG, Germany  Abstract   Presen 
Session 5: Metering, Verification and Data Management for Smart Energy at Home
0Chair : Giancarlo Benelli, Board Member of IERE, Enel, Italy  Summary. 
Towards the smart home: a tool to assess the flexibility potential of tailor-made realistic dwellings
Cathy Crunelle, Laborelec, GDF-SUEZ, Belgium  Abstract   Presen. 
Precision Power Measurements of Renewable Energy Sources
Ben Kemink, Yokogawa Europe B.V., Netherlands  Abstract   Presen. 
Session 6: Intermittency Management
0Chair : Bart Boesmans, Executive Member of IERE, GDF SUEZ, Belgium  Summary. 
Assessing the Flexibility of Power Systems to Manage Variability and Uncertainty Due to Wind and Solar Power
Aidan Tuohy, EPRI, USA  Abstract   Presen. 
Closing Remarks:
0 Bart Boesmans, Executive Member of IERE, Managing Director Laborelec, Deputy Manager of the Research & Innovation Division, GDF SUEZ, Belgium  Summary. 

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