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IERE-GDF SUEZ Brussels Workshop - Day 1 -

June 4, 2014
Brussels, Belgium

Organized by IERE and GDF SUEZ

Presentation (Participants & Members only)

Opening Session
Welcome Address
Leon Duvivier, Technology Director of the Direction Research & Technology, GDF SUEZ, France  Abstract   Presen. 
Opening Speech
Rolando Nieva, Chair of IERE, IIE, Mexico  Abstract   Presen. 
Keynote Addresses
Photovoltaics: Status and Vision
J. Poortmans, Program Director PV, IMEC, Belgium  Abstract   Presen. 
Energy saving and DSM demonstration activities in Japan
Hiromu Kobayashi, Senior Research Scientist, System Engineering Research Laboratory, CRIEPI, Japan  Abstract   Presen 
Summary Report on the First Prototype Technology Leader Meeting (TLM)  (Members only)
0Bart Boesmans, Executive Member of IERE, GDF SUEZ, Belgium  Summary. 
Session1: Distributed Generation
0Chair : Aidan Tuohy, Executive Member of IERE, EPRI, USA  Summary. 
New developments in Building-Integrated Wind Turbines
Jochem Vermeir, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium  Abstract   Presen. 
Water injection in a micro gas turbine for combined heat and power application
Svend Bram, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium  Abstract   Presen. 
Micro cogeneration systems using natural gas: towards a smart solution!
David Dupuis, GDF SUEZ, CRIGEN, France  Abstract   Presen. 
Special Address
0 Raphael Schoentgen, Research & Technology Director, Member of the Executive Committee, GDF SUEZ, France
Session 2: Distributed Electricity Storage
0Chair: Gaétan Lantagne , Treasurer of IERE, Hydro-Québec, Canada
Application and Economics of Stationary Storage
Friedrich Schulte, RWE AG, Germany  Abstract   Presen. 
Development of a Short Term Power Interruption Compensator using Lithium-ion Capacitors
Mitsutoshi Asano, Chubu EPCO, Japan  Abstract   Presen. 
Micro Energy Storage in Buildings
Guilherme Oliveira e Silva, ULB, Belgium  Abstract   Presen. 
Session3: Energy Efficiency - (Semi-) Autonomous Houses
0Chair : Friedrich Schulte, Board Member of IERE, RWE AG, Germany  Summary. 
HEMS Control Technology for Self-power Operating House in Disaster
Tadayoshi Kosaka, Hitachi Ltd., Japan  Abstract   Presen. 
Energy at home: Enel Research projects and experiences
Sandra Scalari, ENEL, Italy  Abstract   Presen. 
New Efficient Gas Solutions and Renewable Energies Coupling for Low Energy Residential Buildings in France
Cristian Muresan, CRIGEN - GDF SUEZ, France  Abstract   Presen. 

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