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IERE in the past

The International Electric Research Exchange (IERE), was established in October 1968.

Since then, with the leadership of 4 founding members; EPRI, UNIPEDE, CEA and Japan IERE Council. IERE had been promoting information exchange on R&D and cooperative activities among the leading electric utilities of the world for the mutual benefit.


IERE was renovated on January 1, 2001, inviting wide spectrum of members from all around the world.

Organizational structures, activities and services have thus far been renewed in order to expedite the progress of electricity technologies and to foster cooperative R&D on a global scale.

■ The Board

The Board governs IERE and makes decisions and approvals based on the IERE Statutes. The Board is responsible for realizing effective planning and operation of IERE and promoting the interest of the members by assuring openness and transparency.

Chair Dr. Jeanne Ng (CLPRI, Hong Kong SAR)
Vice Chair Dr. Jan Mertens (ENGIE, France)
Treasurer Mr. Yoshiaki Mino (CRIEPI, Japan)
  Mr. Peng Zhao (CEPRI, China)
  Mr. Kazuhiro Nabeta (Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc., Japan)
  Dr. Munib Amin (E.ON, Germany)
  Mr. Pierre Mallet (Enedis, France)
  Ms. Maria Martin (EPRI, USA)
  Dr. Jungho Lee (KEPCO, Korea)
  Mr. Jun Leng (NARI, China)
■ Advising Chair Emeritus

Advising Chair Emeritus is eligible and encouraged for attending the Board meeting and making comments.

Mr. Roger Ballay (France)
Mr. Greg Tosen (South Africa)
■ IERE Organization Chart

■ Central Office

The Central Office is located in Tokyo Japan:

2-11-1 Iwado Kita, Komae-shi, Tokyo 201-8511, JAPAN
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Secretary General : Dr. Takao Watanabe