IERE France Workshop

May 30 - June 1, 2007
Paris, France

Organized by: IERE and EDF

Presen. (Member Only)

FOE 1-1
Conference "Future of Energy"
Utilities from each region of the world will presenttheir forecast on the energy affairs through 2050.
Dr. Sang Doug Park , Mr. Yves Bamberger , IERE  Presen. 
FOE 1-2
Opening Speech
Mr. Jean Eudes Moncomble , General Secretary, French Energy Council  Presen. 
FOE 1-3
African Perspective
Mr. Greg Tosen , ESKOM  Presen. 
FOE 1-4
EU Perspective
Mr. Paul Bulteel , Eurelectric  Presen. 
FOE 1-5
Korean Perspective
Mr. Young-Eal Lee , KEPRI  Presen. 
Introductory Conferences
An Introduction to Nanotechnologies
Mr. Didier Noel , EDF R&D  Presen. 
Nanotechnologies and Energy Challenge
Ms. Helene Burlet , CEA/Liten  Presen. 
Nanotechnology & Opportunities for Electric Utilities
Mr. Peter H. Chou , EPRI  Presen. 
Environmental Control
Nanostructured Membranes for Energy and Environnement
Dr. Gilbert Rios , IEM  Presen. 
Production and Storage of Energy
Nanomaterials for the Storage of Energy
Mr. Emmanuel Baudrin , Universite de Picardie, CNRS  Presen. 
Nanomaterials and Thermoelectric Systems
Mr. Claude Godart , CNRS  Presen. 

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