Welcome to 2019 IERE-PLN Bali Workshop

Main theme : Smarter and Cleaner Electricity for Better Life

The economy is largely built on a reliable supply of cheap electricity. Therefore electricity production is still mostly based on fossil fuels. A challenge is to keep the supply system stable and affordable with the rapid expansion of intermittent renewable energy sources. The power lines, transformers, and control stations that make up our current energy grid are old, increasingly unreliable, and not adequate to handle a significant increase in renewable energy. In addition the utilization electricity for non-power sector such as transportation is still growing significantly.

To move toward a cleaner energy economy, improvements of electrical grid is needed, as well as construct the smart system which can solve the issues arising from the intermittency of renewable electricity sources. Smart appliances respond intelligently to a signal from the grid operator. Variable pricing of electricity might also help, and for this smart meters with a momentary tariff indicator are needed. Modern contingency reserves have to consist of smaller agile power plants that are well distributed across the area to be served. Decentralized generation is beneficial in this respect, since it reduces the dependence on a few distant generators and long power lines.

Despite its smart and clean value to society, electricity has to be affordable. Indeed the use of electrical energy should be directly linked with economic value. To make the integration successful and to ensure prosperity in the future, new technical solutions and business conditions are needed.

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