Welcome to 2018 IERE - RWE TI Munich Workshop
Deadline for registratin: September 3, 2018

Main theme: Power Generation in Transition

Remember when you got your first mobile phone? It was not smart yet, but still it disrupted your live as you could suddenly make phone calls from almost any place your provider covered. One of the early challenges was that remembering to recharge your phone was a routine disruption that soon became a new routine. The rise of renewables, mobile and digital technologies in the energy industry worldwide requires similar adjustments. Over the past decade, the disparity between utilities is growing fast, with those owners gaining a competitive advantage, who are willing to modernize their business models while others who work against or delay change will lose ground. The majority of global installed capacity is still conventional generation, with coal holding the lead. As those units age – especially when they find themselves in changing markets or regions requiring more challenging operating profiles – they will need modernization and flexibilization in line with new business models.

Joint Event co-organized by IERE and VGB

The Joint Event is the collaboration of IERE Workshop and VGB Congress titled as the common theme of "Power Generation in Transition" to be held between September 11 and 14 in Munich, Germany.
All participants have the opportunity to join the lectures of both events without limitation and to exchange information together in the common break areas and the exhibition areas as well as the joint Get-Together in the exhibition, the Joint Evening Event and the Joint Technical visit.

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