The 22nd IERE General Meeting and 6th IERE Webinar

Toward Enhanced Resilience for Electric Power Systems

November 10, 2022, Webex

The 22nd IERE General Meeting and 6th IERE Webinar November 10, 2022, Webex

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Report by Jan MERTENS


Report by Katsuhito TAKEI


Lecture by Mark McGranaghan


Lecture by FAN Chen


Lecture by Omar Méndez Zamora


Lecture by Jorge Hollman

Q&A — Typical DiscussionsThe day was filled with many questions and a lively Q&A session.

Watch the Video on the web for the detailed discussions!

(W-1) Research Needs for Electric System Resilience

  • Is V2G already possible (from a regulatory point of view) in the US?
    Here in most EU countries, there is not yet a regulatory framework and this seems to be a harder hurdle to tackle than the technical ones... Are you doing better in the US?
  • Should Resiliency be promoted at the same time as Decarbonization and Digital Transformation, or should it be considered as a countermeasure to these?
  • Extreme weather and climate change including hurricanes, heatwaves, heavy snowfalls, etc. is different worldwide.
    Does the EPRI’s new Resilience project “CLIMATE READi” adapt only to the USA? How does it adapt in other countries?

(W-2) The wide frequency measurement technology for Inverter based power system
—Improvement of awareness capability of resilient grid

  • What does WFMD mean?
  • Does WFMD combine three methods (PMU, M&C, and Power Quality)?
  • What is the objective of this development? To improve resilience in the case where renewable energy is connected to the grid through inverters? Are there any other possible positive impacts of adopting this method?

(W-3) Flexible Power Transformers to Improve Resiliency of Transmission Networks

  • What are the most important points of the several guidelines listed in the design of Flexible Transformer?
  • Could you share with us the overall cost differential for these types of flexible transformers vs traditional designs?

(W-4) Climate change adaption, new challenges for Substations Equipment Applications

  • In the "Climate Change Adaption”, “Development of Resiliency Measures" would be the most important. Are there any specific studies being conducted by Powertech Labs?
  • Most of this presentation is related to substations and transformers. Is it understood that they are important equipment for grid resiliency? What do you think?