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Main theme : Electric power storage, energy conversion and impact on the 21st century power grid

Nowadays, the electric power system development in distributed generation and managing energy consumption are fundamentally changing the old paradigms in the energy business. Many new electric services, products or emerging technologies such as wide-scale distributed wind and solar generation, natural gas-fueled generators, energy storage, grid-connected batteries, electric & hydrogen vehicles, micro-grid, load shaping and demand response, and clean technology will play a more significant role in the evolving future energy system. These technologies have the potential to challenge the traditional business models of utilities and attract new players to enter the energy markets. On the other hand, energy sustainability and efficiency is also a major task that the whole world is facing. Finally, many of these technologies offer immediate hope to remote communities where the promise of grid supply was only a long-term objective.

The 17th IERE General Meeting & Canada Forum on “Electric power storage, energy conversion and impact on the 21st century power grid” will focus on the technologies and systems related to focus on energy storage as well as consider the impact of storage on the broader evolving power system.

IERE and Powertech hope to enhance the exchanges on these topics in the 2017 General Meeting & Canada Forum to realize fully the value of power resources and to supply all consumers with a quality, reliable and cost-effective power supply options.

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