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North America Workshop – 2nd Day –

Tuesday July 25 , 2006
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

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Welcome Back and Opening Remarks
Mark Lauby+ , IERE / EPRI  Presen.   Paper 
"Invitation to IERE meeting in Fall 2006"
Chang-Ren Fei+ , TPC, Taiwan  Presen.   Paper 
Session Chair: Yves Bamberger, EDF, France
"Back-to-Back Interconnections with Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage"
Jan Wiik, Shinichi Nomura+ , Ryuichi Shimada , Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan  Presen.   Paper 
"A New Series Connected Bi-directional Current Switch for Power Flow Control"
Jan Wiik+ , Shinichi Nomura, Ryuichi Shimada , Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan  Presen.   Paper 
"Design of SoC Sensor Chip based on PLC Technology for Distribution Automation System"
Inji Choi, Young-Hun Kim, Byung-Seok Park+ , Moon-Seok Choi, Sung-Ho Ju, Duck-Hwa Hyun , KEPRI, Korea  Presen.   Paper 
"Potential Applications of Bidirectional Valves in HVDC Systems"
Lione.Barthold , Consultant, USA , Aty Edris+ , Electric Power Institute, USA, Peter Lips , Consultant, Germany, Wayne Litzenberger , Bonneville Power Administration, USA, Duane Torgerson , Winfield Enterprise, USA, Dennis Woodford , Electranix, Canada  Presen.   Paper 
Session Chair: Roberto Canales-Ruiz, IIE, Mexico
"A Study for the Data Event Procession Method in the RFID Middleware"
Young-Hun Lim+ , Sung-Ho Ju, Eun-Jung Jung, Soo-Bae Kim, Duck-Hwa Hyun , KEPRI, Korea  Presen.   Paper 
"A System Engineering Approach for the Evolution toward an Intelligent Grid"
Olivier Huet+ , EDF, France , Don Von Dollen, Mark Lauby , EPRI, USA  Presen.   Paper 
"Distributed Real-time Computer Network Architecture (DRNA) and its Application to Power System Operation and Maintenance"
Yoshizumi Serizawa+ , Hiroyuki Yusa, Tetsuo Otani, F.Fujikawa , CRIEPI,Japan , Tatsuji Tanaka, Shigeki Katayama, K.Omata , Toshiba, Japan  Presen.   Paper 
"Live-Line Maintenance Technology of KEPCO 765kV Transmission Lines"
Dong-il Lee+ , Choi, I.H, Park, J.H , KEPRI, Korea  Presen.   Paper 
"Advanced Distribution Management Systems for 21st Century distribution network operators"
Derek Macfarlane+ , David Hawkins , GE Energy, UK  Presen.   Paper 
Wrap up
Mark Lauby+ , IERE / EPRI  Presen.   Paper 

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