Worldwide Electricity R&D Workshop

Tuesday May 11, 2004
Brussels, Belgium

Organised jointly by

Programme / Presen. (Member Only)

09:00 -
Paul BULTEEL , Secretary General of EURELECTRIC  Presen. 
Greg TOSEN , Representing the IERE Chair, ESKOM  Presen. 
Session 1
Moderator: Jacqueline STUBBE, Chairman of EURELECTRIC R&D Working Group  Presen. 
09:30 -
The European Approach
Pablo FERNANDEZ RUIZ , Director of Energy, DG Research, European Commission  Presen. 
10:00 -
EDF R&D, a driving force in an ever-changing future
Yves BAMBERGER , Director of EDF R&D  Presen. 
11:00 -
R&D for future electrical grids
Martin KLEIMAIER , RWE Energy AG  Presen. 
11:30 -
REE Strategy and proactive R&D program
José Luis MATA , Head of R&D Department, Red Electrica de Espana  Presen. 
Session 2
Moderator: Nanno BOLT, IERE Board Member  Presen. 
13:30 -
The Electricity Sector Framework for the Future
Wade MALCOLM , CEO of EPRI World Wide  Presen. 
14:00 -
KEPCO's R&D Program
Yuichi KATO , General Manager Research and Planning KEPCO, Japan  Presen. 
14:30 -
ESKOM Research Development a Review
Greg TOSEN , General Manager of ESKOM RD&D  Presen. 
15:30 -
The future of R&D at Hydro Quebec
Jacques MARTEL , Managing Director of Hydro Quebec R&D  Presen. 
16:00 -
Position of the manufacturer
Hamid ELAHI , Manager of GE Power Systems  Presen. 
17:15 -
Closing remarks and identification of activities
Jacqueline STUBBE , EURELECTRIC  Presen. 
Nanno BOLT , IERE Board Member  Presen. 

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