"Progress of Advanced Combustion Technology for Pulverized Coal"

16 April 2007
Perth, Western Australia

Organized by CCSD, ESKOM and CRIEPI
in cooperation with IERE

Program / Presen. (Member Only)

09:00 -
Opening Ceremony
Speeches by representatives of CRIEPI, ESKOM, CCSD and IERE
Dr. Okabe , IERE  Presen. 
10:30 -
Development of Advanced Low NOx and High Turn-Down Combustion Technology of Pulverized Coal
Dr. Hisao Makino , CRIEPI  Presen. 
11:30 -
Blending Combustion for the Utilization of Low-rank Coal
Mr. Hiromi Shirai , CRIEPI  Presen. 
13:30 -
Eskom Coal Combustion R&D Programme
Mr. Chrs Gross & Dr. Mark Van der Riet , ESKOM  Presen. 
14:30 -
Relating coal characteristics to plant design and performance: a case study on Collie coal
  • Application of advanced and CCSD characterisation tools to a unique low rank coal
  • implications in plant performance improvement (ash deposition and unburnt carbon)
  • implications in boiler design
  • R&D opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Prof. Dong-ke Zhang , Curtin University of Technology  Presen. 
    16:00 -
    Oxyfuel - Science, technology, demonstrations and application
  • Technology drivers and status
  • Heat transfer, combustion and emission science. Pilot-scale testing. Demonstrations and applications
  • Prof. Terry Wall , The University of Newcastle  Presen. 
    17:00 -
    A period of discussion to bring together the discussion during the presentations and provide the record of meeting from which collaborative projects can be developed.
    17:45 -
    Closing Ceremony

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