From the Secretary General

Secretary General
Dr. Takao Watanabe
(IERE Central Office, Japan)

Dear IERE members:

I have been appointed Secretary General of IERE as of July 1, 2016. It is a great honor for me, and I am really excited to work with IERE members who have been exploring electric power technologies and related fields.

I previously worked as a researcher at CRIEPI. My research field was mainly on molten carbonate fuel cells, and the technologies of manufacturing, assembling, and operating them were very primitive - about 30 years old. However, I experienced great improvements of such technologies through information exchange and cooperation domestically and internationally. I am absolutely convinced that such interaction is very important and essential not only for technology development but also for utilizing technology, forecasting the future, and assuring steady progress.

The electric power industry has been changing drastically all over the world. Because of this, the role of IERE becomes more important and more responsible to ensure the effectiveness of information exchange among its members. Over the last several years, IERE has been seeking many ways to be a "Global Platform of Electric R&D, Technology Development, and Deployment." One of the newest approaches is "Technology Foresight (TF) Activity" which conducts a general and in-depth review on emerging technologies that IERE members are interested in. Collaborative research among members on TF-related technologies is also becoming more and more active.

To provide a global platform to all IERE members, similar to the above project, I would like to promote vigorous communication among existing and potential members. As the Secretary General of the IERE Central Office, I would appreciate many proposals and member requirements submitted our office to make IERE more active and valuable. Please advise me, and I will fully support IERE activities.

Takao Watanabe
IERE Secretary General