From the Secretary General

Secretary General
TAKEI Katsuhito
(IERE, Japan)

Dear IERE members:

It is my great honor and privilege to succeed Dr. Watanabe as the IERE Secretary General in July 2022 and to join IERE, which has a long history since 1968 and works globally as a catalyst for research, development, demonstration, and practical solution of electric power through information exchange.

The former Secretary General, Dr. Watanabe has promoted R&D Collaboration on transformer diagnostics using evolved methanol, AI application in the power sector, energy storage with batteries, and hydrogen utilization, based on the Technology Foresight TF2020 compiled in 2017. The interruption of human exchange due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been efficiently covered by holding webinars. We believe that the results obtained will be effective in addressing the urgent issue of global warming.

Currently, IERE is working to uncover more specific innovative technologies that can be realized in the 2030s and have a large social impact. What triggers and what forces accelerate the introduction of technologies that disruptively transform society? We believe that not only breakthroughs and innovations in technology, but also economics, changes in external conditions, and opportunities for conversion from existing technology will be major factors.

Before transferring to IERE, I was engaged in basic research on future technologies at CRIEPI, including the development of materials for lithium secondary batteries, evaluation research on degradation, and development of advanced synthesis methods for ammonia, which is a hydrogen carrier. Through these experiences, I also learned the importance of forecasting technologies globally from a broad perspective and of discussing with many researchers to gather useful knowledge.

IERE's Statutes express its purpose to "to solve medium and long-term issues facing the electricity service industries of the world" and its spirit of "to pay due respect to the spirit of mutual benefit and contribute to substantial R&D information exchange through the platform of IERE."

In keeping with this purpose and spirit, I will strive to further enhance communication and mutual cooperation among IERE members. I appreciate the many suggestions and requirements submitted to our office to make IERE more active and valuable.

TAKEI Katsuhito
IERE Secretary General